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  • Business
    • Build OpenVPN PKI Infrastructure
    • Test OpenVPN for clients
    • netfilter-init for sarge (sarge-backports chroot on lefler)
    • test amanda restore
  • Private
  • Research
  • Debian
    • Package editchanges
    • work on configuration diversion mechanism
    • bug triage debfoster
    • debconf rework exim4
    • make nagios2 lintian clean
  • Local Debian
    • re-work chroot mechanism to allow pre-loaded debconf
    • re-work chroot mechanism to use LVM and snapshots
  • Low Priority
    • Research
      • Investigate NTP broadcast mechanisms
    • Docs
      • Document Zg2 Partitioning Scheme

Probably done

  • Get acquainted with Debian's kernel 2.6 build procedure and patches. Unfortunately, the Debian kernel team is not helpful.


  • aide StaticDirs flagged with Mtime and Ctime changes, see ivanova /etc
  • work on customized aide
  • re-work cron-apt to use aptitude
  • investigate cron-apt with aptitude, regexp
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