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My Nagios Wishlist

Nagios Daemon


  • Support for external CSS
  • Better Algorithms to create status map
    • Circular Status map
      • becomes way too cluttered for complex setups
      • it should be possible to draw status map with different center nodes (optionally leaving off the map part in between the selected host and the root)
    • Tree Map
      • Map quickly becomes way too wide


  • check_host: Plugin which will send an arbitrary packet (icmp echo, tcp SYN) to a host and returns OK if _any_ response (including “ICMP prohibited” or TCP RST) is received from the host IP to check host presence in cases where ICMP is filtered by a firewall.
  • contrib plugins: move each plugin to its own subdirectory to ease selective bulding
  • Wrapper Script that allows easy connection between send_nsca and a Nagios plugin: send_nsca expects the return value of the plugin on the command line, interface code is necessary.

aux daemons

  • nsca: Hack send_nsca to call the plugin itself, taking plugin output and exit code in the appropriate way, eliminating the need for a glue script
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