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My torrus Wishlist


  • more fine grained access control (down to a switch port, which is important for housing environments where you want your customers to see their own interface counters, but not the ones of the other customers and/or the uplink ports)
  • better documentation, requiring less XML and torrus know-how
  • autodetection for more devices
  • better documentation of autodetection modules to allow more customization
  • more web frontend styles
    • which might offer a more “breadth first” structure of the interface - a lot of users complain that they need to click too much to reach what they want to se
    • Have an option to not only see traffic data of all interfaces on a switch on a single page, but also error data (“All Traffic” expanded to “All Errors”).
    • Have an option to limit the “Recursive view” to a certain depth the current Recursive view is rather unuseable on any decently sized tree)
    • Have an option to scale the images so that a single 500 Mbit peak on a 1 Mbit average port (a custom situation when a host is backed up) doesn't make the regular traffic invisible
    • Paint not only average but also max values
    • Have an option to keep the history for devices that are no longer there
    • Have an option to transfer history to a different port when a device is moved
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